Sunday, 29 November 2015

A new hazel copse for the Field

Yesterday a small team of 4 and a half volunteers braved the dreary weather and set about planting a hazel copse and clearing a small spinney of old plastic rabbit guards.

The copse has been planted in honour of the local Royal British Legion.  It is located just downhill of the BMX track, and should grow into a lovely little habitat for local wildlife.  Watch out for dormice!

The rabbit guards were used by BDBC to protect young hazel, dogwood and dog rose when they were first planted about 10 years ago.  Unfortunately, being plastic, they have not biodegraded and in a lot of cases are both unsightly and cut into the trees' bark.

There are probably hundreds of rabbit guards on the Field, all of which need to be removed.  If you think you might  have some time to help (our motto is 'little and often') then let us know (via the Town Hall) and we will inform you when the next working party is happening.  Tea and coffee provided.

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