Friday, 16 June 2017

Community Apple Pressing Event - 9 September 2017 - your opinion counts

Fact 1: Over 90% of apples in private gardens go to waste

Fact 2: 60% of all apples eaten or drunk in the UK are imported

Are you at a loss to know what to do with all your apples every year?  Do they sit rotting resentfully at the bottom of your garden?

Whether it’s a bucket full or a skip load, eaters, cookers, cider or crabs - help is at hand!

On Saturday 9th September, the Friends of QEII Daniel Park plan to host a communal apple pressing up at the new community orchard beside the primary school.  We also hope to provide children's activities, food and live music from local musicians.

Everybody from Whitchurch and the surrounding villages is invited to bring their ripe, undamaged apples from 9am on the day.  Even your cookers can be juiced.
Richard Paget from  will press them on site, and then take the juice away to be pasteurised, bottled and labelled with your name.  The juice will be sold back to you at a very reasonable price and will last for months in sealed glass bottles.

You could pool apples with fellow members of a local organisation, e.g. FOWPS, Testbourne PTA, Youth Club, and sell the juice to raise money for them.

But we need to gauge whether or not we will have enough local interest for this event to go ahead.  If you are interested and would like to receive more information, please email your answers to the following questions to by 21 July:
  • Do you have apples (anything from a bucketful to a skipload) that you would like to press?
  • Do you have a neighbour or friend who might also be interested?
  • Would you like any juice that you cannot drink to be sold in aid of a local good cause of your choosing?
  • Would you like to find out what kind of apples you have in your garden (e.g. eaters, cookers, cider)?
  • Would you like to make cider from your apples?
To give you an idea of quantities, one plastic crate (like our green glass recycling boxes) will hold enough apples to produce roughly 15 bottles of juice. 

Without feedback, the event won’t go ahead – SO DO PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!

Look out for leaflets which will be distributed around town shortly.

Contact: or 07979 908004

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