Friday, 16 June 2017

Tree SOS

The fine weather and longer evenings have seen increased use of QEII Daniel Park by local children, which is fantastic.  However, we are sad to report that a number of trees in our copses have been cut down or damaged.  Some trees have been sawn down, some have been cut with a penknife, and some have just been torn, pushed over or trodden on.  We think some of the trees have been used to make dens, but some appear to have been taken off-site and others presumably just damaged for the sake of it.
These trees were planted by BDBC using taxpayers' money, and are maintained by a small group of volunteers in their (limited) spare time as part of a careful programme of maintenance and conservation.
We are guessing that the sawing has been carried out by an adult.  The remainder of the damage seems to have been carried out by children.

Please can we ask all parents whose children use the Field to ensure that they follow the Woodland Trust’s guidelines on good den-making (reproduced here with their permission):

  1. Find a good foundation, i.e. large tree trunk.
  2. Build your framework around it by wedging a couple of large branches against the tree.
  3. Build the walls by collecting more branches and resting them against your framework.  Pack them tightly for strength and security.
  4. Use twigs and leaves to cover your den.
  • Don’t cut down, rip or damage any trees – only use fallen branches and twigs.
  • Do secure the branches properly.
  • Do be careful with large, heavy branches – drag rather than carry.
  • Do clear up after you.

For really clear guidance and pictures, see and specifically their “Den Building Sheet”.
And a last point: if you are allowing your child to use a penknife in a public place without your supervision, are you 100% certain they won’t have an accident?  Do they carry a “cuts kit”?  Are you sure the knife won’t fall into the wrong hands?  (See for some great safety tips on children and knives).

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