Tuesday, 5 September 2017

What kind of apples do you have? Help is at hand

Would you like to know what apple variety you have in your garden?

Image result for clip art apple question markWe are delighted to announce that there will be a panel of Apple Experts at Saturday’s event.  Sparsholt College’s Chris Bird (MHort (RHS), NCH, Cert Ed, MIHort) and David Graty (Gardener at Minstead Study Centre) will be on hand to identify your apples.

Just bring along up to 6 apples of a typical size, some leaves, a twig or two and a photo of your tree.  If you can, please include an apple that has grown in the shade and one that has grown in full sun.  Also, the king fruit (the largest one at the centre of a cluster) is a useful identifier.

Voluntary donations for the service will go towards Friends of Whitchurch Primary School (FOWPS).

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