Sunday, 12 November 2017

Maintenance in QEII Daniel Park

It might have been raining on Saturday last, but that didn't stop the hardy Friends of QEII Daniel Park from turning out to do some much-needed maintenance in the wild flower meadow and coppices. We cleared several patches of invasive brambles (and here are before and after photos of one patch), picked up rather too much in the way of litter, and removed a great many rabbit guards from maturing saplings no longer needing their protection. And along the way we made the acquaintance of some field voles. It's good to know that wildlife enjoys what's on offer in the field just as much as the human and canine residents of Whitchurch do.
If anyone would like to join the Friends at their next maintenance session, it's on Saturday 2 December at 9am. Bring thick protective gloves, secateurs and loppers if you have them.